Art Sales

We have these artists’ artwork for sale online.  Click on the artists’ name to see their work and prices.  Shipping and handling charges will be calculated at time of check out.

Sue Tirrell


Larry Welo


Posey Bacopoulos


Michael Kline


Christa Assad


Jennifer Allen


Margaret Bohls


Victoria Christen


Lauren Mabry


Debra Oliva


Lisa Pedolsky


Donna Burdic: Necklaces and Pins


Donna Burdic: Rings and Bracelets


Donna Burdic: Earrings


Chandra DeBuse


Steven Godfrey


Crisha Yantis


Stearns_Offering_13285 front

Eric L. Stearns



Kyla Toomey



Susan McGilvrey



Meredith Host