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Susan McGilvrey

Susan McGilvrey claims, only partly in jest, that she went into art in college (in the pre-word-processing world of the early ‘70s) to avoid writing papers. Although she is fascinated by words and languages, in the years since college she has continued a certain amount of writing/typing-avoidance.  Becoming an artist with a keen eye for design backed up with technical and communication skills, she gets her point across largely without the unnecessary keystrokes.

Although she specialized in ceramics in college and graduate school, she took the full array of classes in other media and techniques so when teaching opportunities in those areas presented at various local colleges, she was able to take them. Teaching non-clay art classes led to interesting side trips in her own work using drawing and design skills on her pieces.  For example, the carving on larger pieces was a direct cause and response to a low-relief assignment given to generations of 3-D Design students.

Showing with other artists’ paintings and drawings in yearly exhibitions at the Thirteenth Street Gallery, she used color and scale in her clay work to create whimsical vessel forms that held their own in the space of the exhibitions. Convoluted visual-verbal puns and imagery comment on events in her life and the larger world brought to her studio by NPR (yes, she is a contributor).

See Susan McGilvrey’s Retrospective Exhibition, curated by UNL professor emerita Gail Kendall, which opens September 6 and continues through October 26 at the LUX Center for the Arts located at 2601 N. 48th Street, Lincoln, NE 68504.

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