Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday at the LUX!

The LUX offers artsy birthday parties! Parties include a 1 1/2 hour artist-led project and 1/2 hour to enjoy cake and gifts on your own.  Parties start at $120 for 8 participants with all materials included, $15 for each additional participant.  Download our Birthday Party Reservation Form for more information and contact our Director of Education for scheduling details.

Birthday Party Projects:

Ceramics: Create and glaze your own clay creation! Choose from:



Animal Cups





Pinch Pot Monsters




Slab Flowers





Impressed Coil Bowls


* All projects will be fired and available for pick-up one week after the party.



Painting: Get creative with watercolors or acrylic paints. Choose from:


Patterned Watercolor Animals




Painted Collages





Printmaking: Print your own pattern on something you’ll use! Choose from:

  • Screen Printed T-Shirts

Screen Printed Tote Bags





Foam Block Prints





Jewelry: Make your own jewelry with beads! Choose from:

Felt Beaded Bracelet





  • Beaded Necklaces

Superhero Party: A super party for super kids! We will make masks and superhero sound effect signs.

Additional Commemorative Activities Available:

All commemorative projects are intended to be taken home by the birthday boy or girl.

Participants can decorate and sign a 12” commemorative ceramic plate with colorful glazes

for an additional fee of $25. The plate is fired and ready for pickup one week later.

Your guests can work together to create a masterpiece on an 16”x20” commemorative

canvas with acrylic paints for an additional fee of $15

Together participants can decorate and sign a T-shirt with our fabric inks for the birthday

person for an additional fee of $15