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Land, Sea and City Scapes

Land, Sea and City Scapes
Susan Soriente, Curator
View in Gladys M. Lux Print Collection: January 8, 2015 though May 5, 2015

Land, Sea and City Scapes
A print exhibition from the Gladys M. Lux Print Collection

Landscape scenes have not always been a popular subject for artwork. Ancient Romans and Greeks decorated their villas with landscape frescos but this practice gradually changed and artists only filled the background of their work with an outdoor view to provide a setting for the primary goal of portraying historical and religious content. The Chinese created vistas of land, sea or cities by the 4th century CE and Japan later began to copy them, but in Western art, scenic artwork did not reemerge until after the Italian Renaissance in the sixteenth century. Soon the Dutch began to decorate their homes with outdoor scenes. German Romanticists used landscapes to communicate spiritual themes and French artists, taking advantage of the new tin tubes of artists’ paint, worked ‘en plein air’ crafting impressionistic landscapes.

The art world – including its patrons, teachers and artists did not take landscapes seriously, and attributed greater value to the other types of artwork.  The French Academy, arbiter of art, artists and the art world, ranked the perceived value of artwork—the most preferred artwork was historical paintings, followed by portraits, genre works or scenes from everyday life, and then landscapes with still lifes the least favored. But this negative opinion about landscapes slowly changed with the emerging idea that the grandeur and beauty of nature portrayed in artwork could communicate transcendent concepts and inspire awe.

The Gladys Lux Print Collection includes many important artists, in Land, Sea and City Scapes we are proud to present, Landscape Near Auvers by Paul Cézanne. Additional artists in the exhibition are Sir David Young Cameron, Andō Hiroshige, Alexander Hogue and John McCrady. Nineteen never before exhibited prints from the collection comprise Land, Sea and City Scapes, which may be viewed in the Lux Historical Gallery from January 8, 2015 to May 5, 2015.




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