Print Exhibitions — 07 June 2017


Susan Soriente, LUX Center for the Arts Historical Collections Curator

View in Gladys Lux Historical Gallery: January 7 to May 3, 2016

Whether it is a voyage to the bottom of the sea, to outer space, down the road, or your inner being, many people enjoy the thought of exploring something new. We can be armchair travelers using our imagination or literally and intrepidly step into the unknown. Artists enjoy vicariously traveling to far off places and taking the viewer with them. Their portrayals of voyages, voyagers and the vehicles that carry the travelers afford the possibility of expanding inner and outer experience. Our minds are stirred and our imaginations flooded with images that inspire us to go to new places and leave our present state and reality behind.

Among the artist travel guides included in VOYAGE!  are some American originals such as John Meigs who designed the first Hawaiian Aloha fabric used for clothing and created prints celebrating a rocket launch; an immigrant to America, Hans Kleiber who portrayed the glories of nature; and Nathaniel Currier, a pioneer in newspaper images and the American experience. These and other artists’ prints from the permanent collection donated by Gladys M. Lux to the LUX Center for the Arts will be exhibited on the second floor in the Gladys Lux Historical Gallery in VOYAGE!

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