Portrait Sculpture Workshop with Sondra Jonson
Working with a live model, the class will learn anatomy, forms, structures, and proportions of the human head. The instructor will walk the students through the steps to create a life-like portrait of the model, beginning with the most basic structures and moving on to fine detail.
The class will meet morning and afternoon for 5 days. We will use ceramic clay on a basic armature. There will be daily demos by the instructor, and each student will develop a portrait sculpture of the model that by Day 5 will be quite advanced.

Day 1: Morning – Short lecture on the basics with the diagram; students will sketch the model. Afternoon – begin early stages of sculpture

Day 2 – 3: Develop the principal structure and masses of the portrait head – cranium, neck, zygomatic and eye socket bones.

Day 3 (afternoon) and 4: Build the structures of the face.

Day 5: Refine details of the face and structure of the hair.

This is an intense workshop, but one in which the student gains a wealth of information, knowledge, and skills for their future endeavors in sculpture, drawing, and painting. They will learn to understand the structures, anatomy, and proportions that make up the human head and how to take that knowledge into their own work in other media. Jonson teaches the classical techniques and methods she learned at Frudakis Academy in Philadelphia. She has a history of success in passing on these methods to her students.
Monday-Friday, September 11-15
9 a.m. – 4 p.m. with one-hour lunch break
Tuition: $400 / $360 for LAG and LUX members.
(Use code MEMBER at checkout for discount and we will confirm membership on the first day of the workshop) 


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